About the The Tinee Valley location

Located in the middle of the Alpes-Maritimes’s Mercantour Park, The Tinee Valley is one of the most charming and picturesque places in the South of France. The villages, mountains, lakes and hillsides of the valley offer vacationers many activities that will make their stay both memorable and enjoyable. What Tinee Vacances offers its customers is a chance to vacation in a beautiful apartment or home with an authentic French touch! From your vacation home, you can explore the vast opportunities that this area has to offer. Fishing, Hiking, Swimming, Hunting, Canoeing, and a Gastronomy of Provençal Specialties are waiting for you to discover! The apartments, houses and studios we have personally selected are located in quiet (and/or lively!) Niçois villages -- some overlook the Tinee river, while others have a view of the mountains. You, your friends and family, can easily relax into the Tinee Way of Life and quickly feel like one of the Villagers.

About the Tinee Vacances Rental Décors

All of our Rentals are located in 18thor 19thcentury houses that we have had renovated and insulated. We purposely DO NOT choose new buildings. We renovate the old, so that you get an added charm and historical value during your stay! The Apartments are also beautifully furnished, as we have inspired our Furnishings and Décor choices on Magazines such as “Mason & Décor” and “Coté Sud”. This gives our Rentals an added and unforgettable appeal. What’s more is that at in all of the Rentals we have chosen, you will find aspects of the original house; the original fireplace, cabinet doors, etc… We purposely chose to do this to maintain the buildings authenticity as much as possible.

About vacationing in and from the Tinee Valley

Centrally located, The Valley offers several options for Year-round vacationing, especially for Summer and Winter. One hour drive South, you’ll find The Beaches of The Cote D’Azur with towns like Nice and Cannes, and to the South-West there’s the hilltop town of St. Paul De Vence in the colourful Provence. An hour twenty South-East you can reach Monaco, Monte Carlo, San Remo. An hour East, you can cross the mountains and be in the charming towns of Cuneo or Racconigi, Italy. 30 mintues West, you will find two magnificent canyons where you can hike, picnic and explore the medieval village Entrevaux! And as the Valley is in the middle of The Mercantour National Park, The Tinee itself is full of activities from swimming, horseback-riding, fishing, canoeing, and hiking... Skiing in Winter is especially attractive, as there are SIXski stations throughout the area!

To help our customersplan what they want to do when they get here, we have made a guide of suggestions to help you plan your activities and/or the attractions you’d might like to visit. Each suggestion contains a list of a wide variety of activities and sights. The suggestions have names such as:

  • 1. “Let’s Visit Nice!”
  • 2. “For Antique, Art & Museum Lovers”
  • 3. “Beautiful Castles, Villas and Chateaux”
  • 4. “Fun For Children”
  • 5. “Something Different Everyday”
  • 6. “Exploring St. Sauveur!”
  • 7. “Unforgettable Chapels and Churches”
  • 9. “Chic and Rich”
  • 10. “Historic Villages”
  • 11. “Magnificent Drives”
  • 12. “Best Beaches on the Côte d’Azur”
  • 13. “Great Mountain Hikes!”
  • 14. “Sport Activities”
  • 15. “For Your Eyes and Nose”